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Kennett Symphony - Jack and the Beanstalk

Sharon Torello of Local Arts Live

[...] The final piece of the concert was a new composition by local composer, Melissa Dunphy. She favors dramatic or political art music so I was curious to see what she would do with a commission for children's music. The result was brilliant! I expect to be hearing it in mini-vans across the nation stuck on repeat play someday, but until then, here's a brief description. Jack and the Beanstalk reminded me very much of another great children's piece, "Peter and the Wolf". Lloyd Bankson Roach, founder of BrandywineRadio narrated while the chamber orchestra and children's choir would follow each section with a musical dramatization. Various instruments took on characters like the bassoon sad cow, and the drum rap for each golden egg. The children in the choir clearly enjoyed singing along - especially the very effective giant's snore. The double bass and other instruments started the low, rumbling part of the snore and the children followed with the high almost whistley part. Fortunately Dunphy was far more effective in creating these sounds and music than I am at describing them. Jack and the Beanstalk has all the features of piece that could have wide spread appeal to children: a well known story, easy to follow characters, fun sound effects, and a chance to sing along. [...]

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