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New Dreams (2021)

for SSA choir | 00:05:00

by Melissa Dunphy

There is no score for this work currently available. Please contact the composer for more information.

Commissioned by La Caccina

Words and music by Melissa Dunphy

New dreams are born in questions.
How do we transform ourselves?
How do we transform our world?
What do we need?
What do we want?
What is the difference?
How do we reconnect with the rhythms of nature?
Should we do something just because we can?
What is the purpose of education?
What does it mean to care?
How do we create community?
Why is community a revolutionary idea?
How can we re-civilize society?
How do we grow our souls?
How do we take heart of grace?

[Inspired by the work of Grace Lee Boggs]

This work was commissioned thanks to the generous support of:
Mimi Burkland
Judy Corbelle
In honor of Alana Grossman
Adele Davidson
Michael and Angela FitzSimmons
In honor of Owen Kennedy
Susan Goldenberg
Matthew Harris
Jane Horowitz
Ellen Lawson
Linda and Fred Mast
In honor of Fanny E. Mast
In honor of Barbara Goldsmith
Luba Romantseva
Enanna Sheena
Marlene Tack and Jim Kennedy
Amanda M. Thomas

Artwork by Abigail Markov


  • 21 Nov, 2021: La Caccina at Second Unitarian Church, Chicago, IL
  • 20 Nov, 2021: La Caccina at Wicker Park Lutheran Church, Chicago, IL