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Melissa Dunphy on Promotion

Molly Sheridan of New Music Box

Melissa Dunphy on Promotion from NewMusicBox on Vimeo.

Composer Melissa Dunphy is particularly savvy about promoting her music. In this video presentation by Molly Sheridan recorded in Dunphy's home she explains to Frank J. Oteri what arts entrepreneurship looks like for her: "I think of my compositions like they’re my children and I want my child to succeed. I’m not going to pay to get them into college like Felicity Huffman, but I am going to contact as many journalists who I think would be interested in maybe doing a write up or, if that fails, I’m going to go directly to the audience as much as I can and see if I can reach people who might want to see the show." To read a transcript of their entire conversation, please visit NewMusicBox:

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