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Episode 4: Melissa Dunphy and Kwaku Owusu

produced by Platt Student Performing Arts House

Backstage @ Platt House of University of Pennsylvania

Composer, musician, actress, and amateur archaeologist Melissa Dunphy visits us to talk shop about classical music, how to pursue all of your dream career(s), and a little dirt on the history of her own neighborhood in Old City Philadelphia. Find Melissa online as mormolyke, and listen to The Boghouse podcast with her co-adventurer and husband Matt on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, iHeartRADIO, or Google Play. Facebook: PlattHouse and UPenn.PAC.Shop Instagram: @PennPlattHouse and @PACShop4100 Our theme music is Retro Climb, by Peter Lu. This podcast was edited by Amanda Labonte, and produced by Platt Student Performing Arts House at the University of Pennsylvania.

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