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S1E74: Melissa Dunphy

Michael Bolton of The Composer Chronicles | Alexandrian Media

Melissa Dunphy is an award-winning and acclaimed composer specializing in vocal, political, and theatrical music. Melissa is a composer who would be amongst the first to tell you that, if you want to be a composer, you need to write what you're passionate about. After the premiere of her large-scale choral work the Gonzales Cantata, her career took off, and she wants to share her vision with the world.

Featured pieces:
Come, My Tan-Faced Children | Performed by Raehann Bryce-Davis, Laura Ward, Min-Young Kim, Tim Ressler
More Milk, More Milk Makes it Better (from American DREAMers) | Performed by the Singers
Tesla’s Pigeon movements III and IV (orchestral version) | Performed by Jessica Lennick and the Curtis Symphony Orchestra, cond. Kensho Watanabe
Intro to The Boghouse

Where to find Melissa Dunphy, her music, and The Boghouse:
Website | Twitter | Facebook
The Boghouse
Theme music is by Daryl Banner.

Alexandrian Media podcast music by Andrew Gavin. Voiced by Michael Bolton.
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