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L'homme Armé (2006)

for solo soprano or tenor, Theremin, horn, clarinet, cello, tape | 06:00

by Melissa Dunphy | text by Anonymous

There is no score for this work currently available. Please contact the composer for more information.

L'homme Armé is a reaction to gun culture in the United States composed during the violence of the Iraq War and the shooting at Virginia Tech. The text and part of the melody are taken from a medieval French song: "The armed man should be feared. Everywhere it has been proclaimed that each man shall arm himself with a coat of iron mail." The voice and instruments form a metrical canon over a distorted bed of audio from the conflicts, interviews, and historical recordings, such as Robert Oppenheimer's comments on the first successful test of the atomic bomb.


  • 25 Oct, 2006: Melissa Dunphy, et al. at Gates Recital Hall, West Chester University, PA