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Pipe Down (2023)

for SATB choir, piano | 00:03:30

by Melissa Dunphy | text by Caitlin Vincent

Commissioned by ACDA Eastern for the ACDA Eastern Regional Middle School Honor Choir, conducted by Liana Salinas.

Premiered at the 2024 ACDA Eastern Region Conference in Providence, RI.

* * *

Pipe Down
by Caitlin Vincent

Shhh. . .
Shhhhh. . .
Shhhhhhh . . .
Hush. . .this is a library!
Shush. . .this is a school!
Stop . .the baby is sleeping!
Quiet. . .people are reading!
Just save it!
Zip it!
Use your inside voice!
Cork it!
Button it!
Turn it down a notch!
Hold your tongue!
Shut your pie hole!
Put a sock in it!
Shut your trap!
And most of all, shhh!

Sometimes the world thinks
We should be seen.
And not heard.
As if we have nothing to say.
As if it's not our future too.
They just say to hush!
We don't know enough.
Be quiet!
We aren't grown enough.
Pipe down!
Back off!
Keep still!
But I don't think we will.
I don't think we will.
Not when our voices are so strong together.
Not when our choices are so loud together.
When we're strong and loud enough to make them listen.

Artwork by Melissa Dunphy.


  • 02 Mar, 2024: ACDA Eastern MS Honor Choir at Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Providence, RI