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Thumbelina (2017)

for lever harp | 00:10:00

by Melissa Dunphy

There is no score for this work currently available. Please contact the composer for more information.

Thumbelina is a film score for solo lever harp commissioned by Shana Norton, intended to accompany screenings of the 1954 Lotte Reiniger silent film of the same name. Lotte Reiniger was a German pioneer of animation, particularly silhouette animation which evolved from shadow puppetry. Her work was innovative and highly influential, particularly on the style and techniques of Walt Disney. Thumbelina tells Hans Christian Andersen’s famous tale of a tiny girl grown in a flower who navigates a sometimes treacherous world to find a place where she belongs.

Artwork by Lotte Reiniger.


  • 12 Jun, 2018: Shana Norton at Garland County Library, Hot Springs Music Festival, AR