Melissa Dunphy

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glasses2Homestead: Recording music for our time-lapse videosEBR-1: Melissa in front of the entrance to the first nuclear power generatordinerAustin, MN - Spam Museum: Monty Python exhibitIn the Mini Cooper, waiting for TonyTeslaIMG_0027With my late maternal grandparents at the Sydney Opera House, c. 1984Tesla Science Foundation Award!

Philadelphia, PA


Retweeting this to remind myself I need to visit this museum soon because they have a ton of ceramics just like our…
about 8 hours ago


This story did not cross my radar until this tweet. This is a Russian thing, right? It feels very very Russian. Hav…
about 8 hours ago


@30ztojon @nytimes As someone who grew up in Australia, and whose mentally ill parents were frequently suicidal (6…
about 23 hours ago