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The Gonzales Cantata at the Rotunda - rehearsal Aug 29, 2009
Hello, puny Earthlings. I have come for your bridge.Chimney Rock - in line for the elevatorCity of Rocks State ParkIMG_5282With my late maternal grandparents at the Sydney Opera House, c. 1984Australia August 2006Tesla Science Foundation Award!Austin, MN - Spam Museum: Monty Python exhibitlastday 01229602804511_ba36a2f750_b

Philadelphia, PA


@sound_assembler Hello! Probably your best bet is Tesla's Pigeon, but there is other stuff on my bandcamp too
10:43 PM Mar 20th


@timminchin Tough guys are clearly too emotional to hold leadership positions and should probably just stay inside…
4:34 PM Mar 19th


Sick day selfie because I slapped on some makeup
3:04 PM Mar 19th